Your IT Company Can’t Secure You!

Would you be surprised to hear “Your IT Company Can’t Secure You!”. Coming from an IT provider this might make you take pause. A statement like this might feel like a sucker punch. You hire an IT managed provider with the expressed idea that your technology will be instantly protected. The reality is no matter what your IT provider claims unless you take the time to understand your data and learn how to protect yourself you will always be vulnerable to outside attacks. A big misconception is that one size fits all. This might sound logical but it’s filled with holes. Your security should never be a set it and forget it approach. A recipe for disaster is more like it.

A great example is the recent issues associated with Flash, which you can read about in our earlier post “The Many Patches of Adobe Flash”. I bet most customers had no idea of the issue, ignore it completely or assume their provider would handle it. The truth is many IT providers don’t offer 3rd party software patches automatically. Leaving you vulnerable to attacks. It’s important to understand what your technology needs are and how to keep yourself protected. It is also imperative that you understand your own data, know how to use the tools your MSP provides and always think before you click download.

Think about it in terms of learning to drive. Anyone can acquire a permit. It’s really just a piece of paper giving you permission to learn to drive. The next step is taking the time to understand the rules of the road and how to actually drive a motor vehicle. Think of your IT provider as a chauffeur. They can take you from place to place but if they don’t show up one day it’s easier to take yourself then wait for a replacement. The same can be said for securing your company. Once you hire an MSP it doesn’t stop there. It’s about knowing what to do and how to keep your company secure. Things can happen even with the best protection. Hackers are always evolving and finding new ways to take advantage of software vulnerabilities. They also take advantage of inexperienced users. No amount of IT security can protect you from user error.

We don’t want to shock you and think that hiring an MSP is useless; nothing can be further from the truth. What we want is for you to do your homework. Know what to expect and don’t be fooled into thinking that you don’t have a responsibility to your own security.  It’s important to understand what services are provided and that cost shouldn’t be the driving force behind who you hire.


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