Security Doesn’t Come in a Box

No one wants to worry about their IT security. It’s the reason so many households and businesses buy security software such as Norton and McAfee. A simple plug and play method of keeping your data protected and your computer safe, or so you hope. Many experts find it amusing how many people have succumb to the notion that a piece of software is all it takes to assure computer security. The truth is security doesn’t come in a box. It’s not one size fits all, set it and forget it. The technology landscape changes daily and there is always someone looking for network vulnerabilities. It could be a simple virus installed from an email or something more direct meant to cause your business financial loss.

That security software you purchased might not be as sophisticated as the hackers that mean you harm. Hackers are constantly looking for weaknesses in your security. A back door that isn’t locked or could be easily pried open without your knowledge. The intention is always the same to cause chaos for your business while exploiting network vulnerabilities.  Sometimes the reasons are simply to deface your website or more sinister like stealing your client data. Either way you can’t rely on the idea that a piece of software is all you need to be safe. If hackers want to hack your system they can easily figure out ways to navigate around any software you’ve installed. A better approach is to not just use security software but to also become more security savvy and keep an open dialogue with your employees. Also employing an IT expert can really make the difference in having your systems monitored and giving you that second layer of protection.

As a business owner you have a responsibility to keep data secure and keep hackers out. It’s always a good idea to build a strong relationship with your IT professionals especially if they work remotely. Keeping an open dialogue and paying attention to any changes in your systems will make you more secure. Let your employees know that they shouldn’t open emails from unknown sources and report any suspicious emails to IT. Also if you notice a system slow down or if your website is down make sure to keep everyone in the loop. Security doesn’t come in a box because it wouldn’t fit. Security needs to be tailored to the individual and monitored regularly for inconsistencies. The number one goal with security is to protect and keep your business moving forward. By implementing a few additional elements to your security protocol you can rest a little bit easier and know that you didn’t succumb to the fallacy that one size fits all.


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