“The Benefits of Working with an IT Professional” 

An important aspect of any successful business is a reliable network. Think quick access to documents and data files and hardware like printers and scanners that run seamlessly. When your network resources are running on all cylinders, it’s easy to get work done and move your business forward. From passwords to programs speedy access and ease of use can bring a sense of efficiency. The bottom line is everything runs great until it doesn’t. Think about your own IT needs and security. On the surface everything runs smoothly. From your perspective, your data is safe, you’ve never been hacked and integration issues are non-existent. You might even have the know-how and time to set-up your own printers and on-board new employees. The question becomes “What are the benefits of working with an IT professional”? The answer is simple; a managed services provider (MSP) keeps the backend running so the front-end looks flawless.

When things are good we start to forget the potential risks that exist. For any business that has important data to protect and a network infrastructure it’s always best to rely on the experts. The whole point of an MSP is to make sure you don’t see any cracks in the façade. They are proactive in managing your needs so that any issues are anticipated before they cause a problem.  If you’re not an expert or don’t have the time it would be difficult to take this proactive approach. Think of it as insurance for your technology. You might not always need it but you’ll be happy you have it when something goes wrong. Great examples of things you don’t see are updates and patches. The changing technology landscape brings rise to software vulnerabilities. Your IT provider is best positioned to know what patches and updates your systems need to fix these issues and make sure your networks are secure. There is a good chance you don’t have the time to constantly update your own technology. You also run the risk of not understanding compatibility and integration when making updates and purchasing software.

Another important aspect of working with an MSP is to have experts help you plan for your future technology needs. A successful business owner is always thinking ahead, looking for ways to build business and grow profits. Your technology can play a huge role in helping you achieve those goals. Your MSP can and should look at your needs today and tomorrow. They can offer solutions and recommendations on what would work best and integrate seamlessly. It’s really about building a strong relationship with the IT provider you hire. A long-term partnership is more beneficial than a short-term fix.

So if you are pondering the question “why would I hire an IT professional”, take a moment to think about what you’ve just read. Don’t let the fact that things are working great undermine the amount of work you don’t see. It only takes one virus to corrupt a whole network. Once that happens you’re either trying to figure it out yourself or looking to hire an MSP for a quick fix. It’s just not worth the monetary loss you could sustain.








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