The Value of Experience

Experience can come from direct observation or active participation. This creates the basis for knowledge. We build on that knowledge, in essence laying down a solid foundation that will grow and flourish over the long-term. Experience is based on the time put into something to consistently get better. When you spend years learning and doing you gain an insight that can’t be bought. Years of trial and error become a lesson in what works and what doesn’t. When thinking about the value of experience in terms of technology support, the old adage you get what you pay for can have a lot to do with experience. You should never underestimate the value of experience and here’s why:

Unique Perspective – When you hire someone with experience you also gain any unique understanding that they have learned over the years. What I mean is that any tricks or tips that they have acquired can now be at your disposable. Sometime big problems require small solutions and having someone who has seen it all can make resolving those issues a quicker process.

Adaptability – Someone with experience can easily adapt to any situation. Technology changes at a rapid pace someone with experience is used to the changing landscape. It allows them to be open to new ideas and also be more flexible. Since they’ve been there and done that for so long. The more adaptable your potential IT professional is the better equipped they are to handle challenging issues that might arise involving your network infrastructure.

Increased Efficiency – There is usually more than one way to fix something and when you have someone with experience there is less guessing. Over time you save money because issues don’t have to be resolved multiple times. What might cost you more money upfront will end up saving you in the long- term. Sometimes you have to look beyond the price tag and understand what you’re actually getting. It seems the first question people ask is “how much does it cost”, instead of “how long have you been working in your field”. The question of experience should be just as important when thinking about your technology needs. Finding someone who fits within in your budget is always a priority but knowledge can end up saving you money.

So we’ve read why there is value in experience, but how can you be sure you’re getting the real deal. Chances are when hiring an IT professional in your area they have client referrals. Find out who their clients are and inquire directly. Find out how satisfied the clients are with the services provided. It’s also great to know when an issue has arisen how the IT professional handled the situation. Sites like Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau can also offer reviews and show how long a business has been operational. Sometimes it’s a simple case of just interviewing the IT professional thoroughly. Get to know them and ask about their decision making process. When problems happen, what are their methods of diagnosing issues. Someone with proven experience would be more than happy to state their case. In the end it’s about what matters to you as a client. When deciding on an IT professional to help support your business, cost should always be important. Just don’t dismiss the added value you get when you factor in experience.


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