Delving Deeper into Office 365

In last weeks post I introduced some of the interesting features that Office 365 offers. We learned about creating more relevant presentations using sway, cleaning your inbox with the clutter tool and the benefits of OneNote for organizing and calendar updating. Whether you work remotely or in a traditional office setting Office 365 aids in bringing efficiencies to the workplace. Not only does Office 365 help you to collaborate in a cohesive way with others but you can also use their tools to manage your personal projects and tasks. Here are some more features that makes Office 365 a standout in productivity.

When working across teams big and small team management is essential. Office 365 recently introduced the Planner tool, available with various subscription plans like Business Essentials and Premium. It uses a visual approach and allows you to create plans, build teams, assign tasks, and provide status updates. It is similar to other task management applications like Asana and Trello but you have the added value of integrating with other Office 365 tools. There is also a central area for sharing and viewing documents.

Stay informed and inform others across your company with Office 365 Video. Create and share tutorials, marketing information, presentations and video messages seamlessly. This platform helps to continue the collaborative approach by giving you yet another option for working together and getting things done. You can use this section as a way to teach your team and/or keep them informed. You also save money on training and time because people can view at their own leisure. Once you upload your videos using the drag and drop method you can organize them with tags and descriptions. You can produce a virtual library of information. The best part is these videos can be viewed on any device from anywhere.

Need an easier solution for finding relevant documents or information, try using the Delve feature. You can locate any document across both OneDrive or SharePoint. While in Delve you simply click someone’s name or picture and if you have permissions you can view whatever they are working on. You can create boards or add to favorites for future review. What makes Delve so intuitive like many of the tools in Office 365 is Office Graph. By analyzing and mapping the relationships between teams and documents office graph can draw conclusions on relevant information and share that with you. It’s just another feature that allows you to keep in the loop on work progress and responsibilities of your team.

Microsoft has continuously updated and added new features to it cloud based software. Features like Planner, Video and Delve go beyond traditional management tools to help teams work more efficiently. I view Office 365 as a complete productivity suite. It provides all the tools you need to work across teams on multiple projects. It’s a matter of taking the time to explore the features and seeing which tools work best for your organization.


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